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Fresno Unified gears up for new school year

Monday is the first day of school in Fresno Unified. Teachers and staff came together Wednesday to kick off the new school year.
Thousands of Fresno Unified School District teachers spent the last few days prepping and decorating their classrooms.  They're getting ready for the first day of school.
With just days before the start of school first time teacher, Rachel Giosa adds last minute touches to her classroom at Pyle Elementary in Fresno.

"I've spent almost every day here I think for the past couple of weeks, except for the days they told me I could not come," said Giosa.

Giosa, along with 10,000 teachers and staff packed the Save Mart Center in Fresno Wednesday morning for the 2013 Convocation.
It's the first time in 10 years the district has had money to host a new school year gathering that's meant to engage and inspire staff before the new school year begins.

"This is about our community rallying around the kids of Fresno and I couldn't be more pleased," said Fresno Unified Superintendent, Michael Hanson.

The district said it's a way to create a bond among faculty and put a plan into action.

"Time to come together and just talk about our main goal for the district which is preparing college and career ready graduates," said Giosa.

A new curriculum called "Common Core" is being implemented by the state and district. Fresno Unified is now educating teachers about the standards.

"I'm a little nervous about it, but I think it's going to be good once we get the get the year started," said Giosa.

All Fresno Unified Schools within the district will start this Monday, August 19th.
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