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Fresno State Fans Think Big

Bulldog fans talked about their high expectations for the 2013 Fresno State Football team.
With all the typical tailgate fare in tow, Fresno State fans prepared for week two and to say expectations were high is an understatement.

"Well if they don't win by thirty the performance won't be as good," said Bulldog fan John Heil.

Heil knows better than to overlook any opponent but just a few tail gate spots over the tone was much different.

"Everything you watch on college football right now they are talking
Fresno State is going to kind of go all the way," said Tyler Blagg.

For Blagg it's bowl game or bust and he's already counting the days until
Fresno State bursts into the top 25, a sentiment that's catching on fast.

"You know we have a lot of good players and we started right, expectations are high especially for our program," said fan Jit Mott.




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