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Fresno Police Search for Armed Robbers

Investigators are asking you to look at surveillance video from robberies at 7-Eleven, Auto Zone and Jack in the Box.
Fresno Police are looking for your help to solve a series of armed robberies.  The list of stores held up includes:  7-Eleven, Auto Zone and Jack in the Box.

There a total of four robberies with two different sets of suspects.  What they share in common is that cameras caught all of them in the act.

The most recent video was captured on Monday at the 7-Eleven store off Kings Canyon and Fowler.  Around 4:30 a.m., two men used a gun to overpower the clerk and steal money and cigarettes.  A get away driver outside helped them escape.

“This crew appears to resemble that did a similar robbery at the same 7-Eleven about a year ago.  We do have some leads we're following up on, but we need the public's help to connect the dots,” said Captain Randy Dobbins of the Fresno Police Dept.

Police are also searching for a man who robbed the Auto Zone store near Blackstone and Clinton.  It happened once in February and again in April.  Then a couple of weekends ago, the Jack in the Box down the street was hit.  Investigators believe it's the same guy.

“There's a great likelihood he either has someone he visits in that area frequently or he actually lives in that area,” said Capt. Dobbins.

He is a Hispanic man in his 30s with tattoos on his neck and carries a gun.  The shirt he wore in Jack in the Box is the same he was wearing during the Auto Zone robbery video.
Andres Mendez was working at the store that night.

“He wanted the pennies, the nickels and he took the merchandise he was trying to buy,” said Andres Mendez, an Auto Zone employee.

Police say many times the suspects are drunk or high when they pull off these robberies.

“Often times the motivation is to get a quick fix to buy more drugs because it's not a smart crime.  You're not making a lot of money,” said Capt. Dobbins.

Police need to catch these guys right away because the longer these robberies go on, the more employees and customers are at risk.

“It easily can turn sideways and go from a simple robbery, to a murder or someone being seriously injured,” said Capt. Dobbins.

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