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Fresno Police Search For Driver In Deadly Hit and Run

Police are asking for the pubilc's help to find a teenager they say crashed into a pedestrian and killed him on the spot.

Police are asking for your help to find a teenager they say crashed into a pedestrian and killed him on the spot.

Police say 19-year-old Maurice Fields ran away from the scene after the deadly accident, taking a child with him and leaving another child in the mangled car.

It happened on Fruit Avenue, North of McKinley in Northwest Fresno.

Investigators work around the mangled car, that they say crashed into a man walking in the neighborhood...killing him instantly.

The impact so strong...his body was tossed through a fence, into someone's backyard.

"When I heard the first noise like a boom, I thought I'm going outside or staying inside?," said Lucy who works nearby.

Police say the car hit the man, and kept going...speeding southbound down Fruit Ave., plowing through a pole, then a second pole.

"When I hear the second time-the noise-big noise...I say
something happened outside," said Lucy.

Police say the suspected driver, identified as 19-year-old Maurice Fields, walked away from the accident with an injured 7-year old boy, and left behind a 9-year old boy, pinned in the car.

Lucy walked outside from her hair salon and tried talking to him.

"I just saw and tell him please calm down, calm down," Lucy described.

The boy didn't respond, but firefighters were able to pull him out of the car, with broken legs.

"The 9-year old was extracted after about 30 minutes and was transported by ambulance," said Fresno Fire Department Spokesman Koby Johns.

The 7-year-old was dropped off hours later at the hospital.

Police continued the search for Maurice Fields, believed to be related to the two kids.

The kids are still in the hospital, and are expected to survive.

PGE crews continue working on the downed pole and power lines, that shut off power to about 100 homes.

If you have any information on the person of interest, Maurice Fields, you're urged to call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.

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