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Fresno Mayor's State of the City Address

Hundreds of city leaders and business leaders gathered at the Fresno Convention Center to hear the status of the city and how we've progressed from last year.
The mayor spoke earlier this afternoon about how far we've come and what still needs to be done. She has a five year plan and remains positive we can get back on track.

"Fresno, I tell you that the state of your city remains strong," said Fresno Mayor, Ashley Swearengin at Wednesday's luncheon.

Mayor Swearengin delivered a message of optimism and issued a challenge regarding the city's financial future.  She cited success stories like the food expo and said downtown is on the  rebound.

"The state of our city depends on whether or not we collectively choose to not give up," said Mayor Swearengin.

One major fly in the ointment, as six to seven million dollar shortfall in the city budget.  Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said crime is trending down despite budget cuts.  It's a trend he wants to see more of.

"Seven percent reduction in violent crime this year, compared to last year.  Property crimes like burglary and auto theft are down 10 percent in the city, so those are very good trends," said Fresno Police Chief, Jerry Dyer.

But there are ominous signs. The possibility of bankruptcy is a real one. A cornerstone of Swearengin's plan to salvage city finances is Measure G, the trash privatization plan voters will decide on June 4th.  For supporters Measure G is salvation, for the opposition it's sacrilege.

Mayor Swearengin said Measure C dollars to keep Fresno's highways clear will help draw  business to the area.

"It makes an impact on business we're trying to recruit here. We need the support of all the surrounding cities in Fresno and Fresno County," said Mayor Swearengin.

Other topics of discussion included facelifts for Southwest Fresno and El Dorado Park and an emphasis on helping the homeless.


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