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Fresno Gay Couples Prepare to Wed Monday

Gay couples across the state had the moment they've been waiting for Friday.
Gay couples across the state had the moment they'd been waiting for Friday...

A moment Joel Garbutt Quistiano is excited to experience Monday in

“I’m excited. I’m relieved. It means that I finally have the same rights that the framers of the constitution of this country granted everyone but I've been denied for so many years,” he said.

Joel already married his partner in Washington but says he will now be eligible for federal benefits as a married man in his hometown.

“There’s tax incentives, tax breaks, medical benefits, health benefits, end of life decision,” he said.

The 9th circuit Court of Appeals cleared the way Friday for gay marriages to resume in California...for the first time after five years.

The court initially said it would take 25-days after Supreme Court's decision.

And Governor Brown ordered the California Public Health Department to notify all county clerks.

Fresno County is prepared to implement the legal ruling and we are opening at 8:30 on Monday prepared for probably what will be a large crowd,” said County Clerk Brandi Orth.

“This is a far more serious issue now than gay couples,” said Fresno Pastor Jim Franklin

Local Pastor Jim Franklin believes the decision is an abuse of power.

“7 million people voted to define marriage as that between a man and a woman. When do we get our day in court? Who defends us if the governor will not?

For now... local gay couples like Joel will spend the weekend preparing for the big day.

“The relationship isn't just a dating relationship. It's cemented in the fact that I said I do,” said Joel.

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