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Fresno City Manager steps down

Fresno City Manager, Mark Scott announced he will be taking a job in Burbank. His last day will be June 19th.
The Fresno City Manager announced his resignation early Wednesday morning.
The announcement comes just days after the failure of Measure G, but City Manager Mark Scott said it didn't affect his decision.  Scott's last day on the job in Fresno will be July 19th.

"As much as it's bittersweet to see him leaving here, we know it's a good fit for him, it's
a good fit for his family," said Fresno City Mayor, Ashley Swearengin.

Fresno City Manager, Mark Scott announced he's taking a job in Burbank, California.  He's making around $187,000 in Fresno, he could make $220,000 to $230,000 a year over there.
Scott said he is used to the "traditional" city manager role offered in Burbank which will give him more control.

"I've been very involved in that community really for a long time and it feels very comfortable to go back there," said City Manager, Mark Scott.

Mayor Swearengin said Scott played a key role in Fresno with recruiting businesses, working closely with city council, developing plans and aggressively dealing with the fiscal crisis.
Scott said the recent Measure G Special Election had nothing to do with his resignation.

"That has no impact on my decision at all. I've worked on this before that happened," said Scott.

Assistant City Manager, Bruce Rudd was appointed to take over. He has been a city employee for the last 37 years.  Mayor Swearengin said he is known for his "can-do" attitude.

"I want to thank Mark for leading the organization through which has been the most difficult time that I can recall with my time with the city," said Fresno Assistant City Manager, Bruce Rudd.

Rudd is optimistic in the city and said it seems to be taking a turn for the better.

"There is a lot of stuff that we need to get done, but I am confident in the team that that
we have here,' said Rudd.
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