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Fresno City Manager Resigning

Fresno City Manger Mark Scott announced his resignation, just three years after taking the job at City Hall.
Just days after Measure G was defeated, Mark Scott announces he's taking a job in Southern California. Scott says the Measure G failure was not a factor.

Scott has accepted a manager position in the City of Burbank in LA County and his last day on the job will be July 19th.

Scott has been a manager here in Fresno for the last three years. He actually grew up in Fresno, but raised his children in Burbank and says he wants to be closer to them.

Scott told Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin two weeks ago he was accepting the manager position in Burbank.

Scott says it was an honor to serve here in his hometown. 

Scott has helped recruit business to Fresno, worked closely with City Council, helped develop many plans within the city and was Mayor Swearengin's right hand man.

Mayor Swearengin has appointed the Assistant City Manager, Bruce Rudd, to fill Scott's position.

Rudd has been with the city for 37 years. His first day as City Manager will be July 20th. 

Scott says he is hopeful about the possibilities Fresno has and he plans to stay involved with future plans. "The things that are left undone are the opportunities that this town has that we know we're going to now have a chance to start perusing. And I say, 'We.' I feel like I'm part of this," said Scott.

Scott says he's been through tough times with the city, but they've handled them as graciously as possible.  He is excited to see the plans he helped develop take flight. 

Mayor Swearengin says it's bittersweet to see him leave, but wishes him the best as he goes.
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