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Fresh start for Fresno family

The restaurant owner's son was shot in a drive-by shooting in Fresno in 2002. The then 6-year old was paralyzed, but the family's nightmare has turned into a dream come true.

The new restaurant "Somethin' Ta Eat" is located at the entrance of Fulton Mall on Van Ness and Kern Street. It's not your ordinary business, it's a testament to faith overcoming adversity.

"As a family, it's a huge milestone for us," said owner of Somethin' Ta Eat, Stephanie Mitchell.

The restaurant serves homecooked soul food. It's a place meant to bring the community together, but it took years of hardship to make the restaurant a reality

"Through that we've come to know God personally for ourselves," said Mitchell.

Ten years ago, a bullet from a drive-by shooting hit and paralyzed Stephanie Mitchell's son, Aandrew when he was outside playing.  He was only 6 years old.

"The things that we have been through have molded us and shaped us," said Mitchell.

She and her husband cared for their paralyzed son.  While acting as caregivers, her husband was a temp worker and she catered out of a food truck to make ends meet.  The hard work and passion flourished into what you taste at Somethin' Ta Eat and new customers are anxious to sample the cuisine. 

"What kind of restaurants are there here? There's a lot of the same things, so definitely add some diversity to it," said customer, Joi Eubanks.

Turning tragedy into triumph with an inspiring twist.  Things are finally looking up for a family that fought long and hard to get here.

"Now my husband's a permanent worker for the city and I'm opening up our business," said Mitchell.

Unlike some of the restaurants in the downtown area, the business is open well into the evening every night of the week.

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