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Former Fresno Fire Chief avoids jail time

Former Fire Chief Brown was facing an internal affairs investigation by the city after the high profile arrest. He stepped down from his job last week.
Former Fresno Fire Chief Rob Brown struck a deal in court with prosecutors Tuesday morning.  Two felony counts related to the case were reduced to misdemeanors.
"This is a very just resolution to a very unfortunate situation that the Brown family suffered," said Lisa Sondergaard with the District Attorney's Office.

Brown was arrested at his home in Northwest Fresno back on June 12th.  He was facing an internal affairs investigation by the city.
According to the criminal report, Brown's wife told investigators he hit her and knocked her down.  Brown resigned as fire chief last week.
In court, the judge ordered Brown to serve three years of probation, do community service and complete an intervention program.  Brown was also ordered to stay away from alcohol.

"With regard to the alcohol treatment, it's the people's position that alcohol fueled this and it is an issue for Mr. Brown," said Lisa Sondergaard with the District Attorney's Office.

Beth Brown's attorney said Beth would have been more pleased with a dismissal, but that today's developments were not expected.

"Certainly in these cases, many of them get charged as felonies and then it's common to reduce them to misdemeanors upon resolving them," said Beth Brown's Attorney, Jeff Hammerschmidt.

We're told Rob Brown is currently unemployed and will seek a job outside of Fresno.

"I think the possibility of him moving out of the area is quite strong.  Where that will take him, I just don't know," said Brown's attorney, Marshall Hodgkins.

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