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Food Truck Explosion

Three people were left injured after a propane tank leak led to a food truck exploding at a Fresno Christian School football game
Just before 6:30p.m. Friday a food truck exploded on the field of Fresno Christian.

Three people were injured and investigators say it could have been far worse.

People gathered for a high school football game at Fresno Christian and watched in shock as a trailer exploded and was reduced to a pile of rubble.

"It could have been a lot worse," said Todd Bennett, Fresno Christian principal.

Bennett explains that the school had contracted with the local restaurant to barbecue for the game.

But suddenly people started noticing smoke and flames.

That's when employee Val Rivera started to usher people away from the trailer.

"The unit exploded and he was thrown several feet. Knocked unconscious. By the time he was taken away he was conscious and responsive so we're praying that he doesn't have any serious injuries," said Bennett.

Bennett says he isn't surprised Val jumped into action.

"Val's a veteran of Vietnam. Kids love him and he loves them. He's a great guy," said Bennett

One of the vendors suffered burns on their arms while a third person was treated for a cut to the face from flying debris.

Fresno Fire says it was a propane leak that caused the fire and explosion and it's amazing more people weren't hurt.

"When you look at the debris field and how far the blast actually expanded beyond the trailer as well as well as the damage to the trailer itself It is pretty amazing," said Captain Lawrence French.

The football game continued after firefighters cleared the scene.

The condition of the three injured is not known at this time. 

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