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First responders warn of wildfire danger

It's wildfire week and fire agencies are warning about the dangers of not preparing your home for fire season.

CAL Fire said this fire season is an unusually active one, so preparing your home is important.  Tall weeds could be the difference between keeping and losing your home.

Charred land, it's becoming more of a common sight in the Central Valley.
Cal Fire was called out to Mark Kline's neighborhood to battle two blazes within the last week.

"They were a little bit scared that the roof might pick up an amber or two, but it didn't happen so we got lucky," said Kline.

Firefighters said we're in for what could be a very dangerous fire season.

"Typically we're telling people that it's coming and to anticipate it, this year it's upon us," said Captain Ryan Michaels with CAL Fire.

Their aim is to increase awareness.  They tell us remember the saying, ready, set, go. Be prepared for a fire, have a plan for escape and be ready to leave.
Keeping 100 feet of defensible clearance around your property is going to make a big difference.

"It would actually stop it or slow it down to a point that we could have an opportunity to extinguish the fire before it got into the home," said CAL Fire Chief, Keith Larkin.

They said using fire resistant materials around your home will also provide protection.  They also warn against cutting your grass after 10 in the morning and removing brush around your property.

"Clearing pine needles off their roof, and doing clearances under your decks and moving wood piles," said Chief Larkin.

So far this fire season CAL Fire has hired around 60 seasonal firefighters a month early to help battle the blazes.  Kline appreciates the additional resources.

"These guys, they really know what they're doing and they came in and they kept it from really taking any of the structures out," said Kline.

The seasonal firefighters hired over the summer should be done with training as early as Monday. 
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