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First Responders Prepare

First responders prepare for a busy 4th of July weekend.
As thousands here in the valley head out for more fun this Fourth of July weekend, first responders are bracing for the worst.

At American Ambulance in
Fresno, crews loaded oxygen tanks to move a patient from an area hospital. They say it is a common sight here in the valley as hospitals try to open up beds in advance of the Fourth of July weekend.

"You combine the heat with the holiday, mix in the alcohol and the explosives and it makes for a busy weekend," said Keith Gibbins with American Ambulance.

Ambulance crews aren't the only ones who expect to be working overtime. In the city of Fresno, fireworks are allowed until July 6th and that has Fresno Firefighters preparing additional resources.

"We are a little worried about that. We are letting people know to only use safe and sane fireworks," said John Creasy with the Fresno Fire Department.

On July 4th alone, Fresno Firefighters responded to more than thirty vegetation fires, many of which were sparked by fireworks. A disturbing trend they hope the public will take note of.
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