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Firefighters warn about fire hazards

Fresno County firefighters are making sure residents are in compliance with Fresno CAL FIRE AND FRESNO COUNTY FIRE FIREFIGHTERS ARE MAKING SURE YOU'RE IN COMPLIANCE WITH FIRE HAZARD ORDINANCES.
As temperatures begin to heat up, Cal Fire and Fresno County Fire are making sure you're in compliance with fire hazard ordinances.
A homeowner was clearing out brush when firefighters believe his lawnmower struck a rock and caused a fire around 3PM Monday.

"As the wind and the temperatures increase throughout the day, it dries everything out making it succeptible
for a fire just like this," said Ryan Michaels with Fresno County Fire, referencing the recent fire.
Michaels said the dry weather and wind was a factor.  Firefighters believe the 40-foot trailer used for storage caught fire while someone was mowing the property.  Everyone inside of the home next to the trailer was able to get out safely.
The deadline to get rid of fire hazards on your property in Fresno County is just a little over a week away.
Lawn care specialist Dave Byer is out discing properties. He said business is usually  good  this time of year.
"A lot of older people, their husbands die...they used to take care of it. They're no longer here and somebody's got to get in there and help them out," said Byer.
Firefighters will be checking throughout the county to make sure residents  are compliant. 
We met up with Michaels earlier as he showed us a home with tall weeds leading up from the roadway.
"The weeds that touch the home are basically like just holding a match up against something," said Michaels.
The goal of the outreach is to eliminate the threat. structures on properties should be cleared of dry grass and other flammable materials.
Weeds should not be taller than 4 inches.
Firefighters are asking for a 30-foot clearance from structures if you live on the Valley floor and a 100-foot clearance if in the foothills. They said if using a lawn mower make sure it's in the morning hours when it's cooler.  They also warn against parking your car on dry grass.
"The exhaust from our cars is hundreds of degrees and it's hot enough to start a fire," said Michaels. 
If you're not in compliance after May 1st, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars in fees.
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