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Firefighters demonstrate firework safety

As fourth of July approaches, firefighters warn against the dangers of fireworks.
It all starts with a firework that isn't disposed of properly, or using fireworks that are illegal. Firefighters from across Fresno County demonstrate how quickly things can go wrong.

"We've seen the results of devastating fires, people with injuries that they're basically gonna have for the rest of their life," said Captain Ryan Michaels with Cal Fire.

As fireworks stands stock up and prepare for opening day firefighters want you to be cautious.
Don't place fireworks in the trash after use without cooling.

"It has to be put in a bucket of water and soaked in a bucket of water to make sure there's no left over burning embers," said Captain Michaels.

They also say steer clear of flammable materials and try to find a place protected from the wind.
Fireworks that leave the ground, or explode are not allowed and when purchasing fireworks you want to look for the "safe and sane" symbol.  That means they're legal.

Fireworks go on sale Friday, last day to buy is July 6th. You're allowed to set off  fireworks from 7am to midnight.

"So we just need everybody's participation. Temperatures are supposed to be amazingly hot next week so we really need everybody's help," said Captain Michaels.
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