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Fire near Lake Success threatens homes

Firefighters sprung into action when flames errupted near Lake Success in Tulare County.
A grass fire in the foothills threatened mutiple homes.

Firefighters sprung into action when flames errupted near Lake Success in Tulare County. The fire started around 9:30 Monday morning. More than 100 acres burned.

Bonnie Rodiger's home was within yards of the blaze. She said things happened fast.  Within mintutes she had her car packed, ready to go.

"You don't think okay, today my property will burn and I will have to choose...do I pick this or do I pick that," said Rodiger.

CAL Fire says they got the call Monday morning and were able to get the fire under control in a little over two hours.

"The fire started on this side of the hill went to 125 acres before we could catch it," said Captain Aldo Gonzalez with CAL Fire.

The cause is still under investigation. More than 100 firefighters were on scene battling the blazes. Assistance from U.S. Forrest Service and Tulare County Fire Department assisted CAL Fire.

Low winds and the fact that it started in the morning gave the firefighters an advantage.

"Temperatures affecting firefighters, hydration, everybody's moving slower. This could have been a very, very big fire. We could have went to a thousand acres easily," said Captain Gonzalez.

Firefighters said a defensible clearance around your home to keep the fire from spreading helps keep everyone safe. Neighbors were happy for the quick response time.

"The fire department got everything under control for us so we're really pleased," said K.C. Little, a neighbor whose home was alsmost caught in the fire.

CAL Fire says the man power they're using for this fire won't affect overall response time.

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