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Final Push in Special Election

Both the Vidak and Perez campaigns are making strong final efforts as the race winds down.
With the special election just days away, Leticia Perez and her campaign are pulling out all the stops in an effort to grab every vote in what is expected to be an extremely tight race.

"I feel tremendously supported, we are going to bring it home on Tuesday, we are going to win," said Perez.

Hundreds of Perez supporters packed the
Hinton Community Center for the sort of rally she says sets her apart from her opponent Andy Vidak. Meanwhile the Vidak campaign has also been spanning out across the valley, spreading what they call "a common sense" message designed to attract both republican and democrat alike.

"We are just working hard, we have got hundreds of volunteers here this weekend like we did last weekend and working everyday," said Vidak.

Both campaigns are making last minute pushes designed to sway undecided voters and for the Vidak campaign that means exhausting every possible resource.

“You know we are making phone calls and just getting that common sense message that has no party lines," said Vidak.
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