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Evacuations Lifted in Mariposa County Fire

The Carstens Fire is now burning away from the Lush Meadows neighborhood. 700 people were given the ok to return home...but 500 homes are still threatened.

Finally a sense of relief in Mariposa County.

Some are being given the all-clear to return home ... as fire crews continue battling thick brush and high flames.

The so called Carstens fire was started by an unattended camp fire Sunday.
It's now burning close to 1900 acres, double in size since Sunday.
And containment is at 40%, up from 15% containment Tuesday morning.

CBS 47's Lemor Abrams is live with the latest.

Air and ground crews got a better handle on the blaze Tuesday thanks to lower temperature and higher humidity, but firefighters aren't letting their guards down.

"We're feeling confident now, still on high alert because if we do have a change, fire could change but fire crews are working and working really hard," said Bill White of the Atascadero Fire Dept.

The Carstens fire, started by an unattended campfire, doubled in size in 48 hours.
Crews gathered for a briefing on how to battle the fast moving flames.

Good news is, the fire is now burning away from the Lush Meadows neighborhood. And 700 people were given the ok to return home.
But 500 homes are still threatened.

"We're happy. Thank you for letting us know; no one would tell us anything," said Tina Martin who prepared to return home.

Tina Miranda has been holding onto hope for the last couple days at the Red Cross.
She couldn't be more grateful to firefighters.

"So glad no reports any of them been hurt. And families...thanks for putting up with them...to help all of us," she said.

Firefighters --at least 2200 of them from across the state-- are encouraged by posters of gratitude off the main highway...As the firefight continues.

Cal Fire says full containment isn't expected until June 24th.

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