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Energy-saving tips

Money-saving tips that will help cool you off leading into summer.
As temperatures start to rise so will your electric bill. Experts tell us now is the time to start preparing for triple digit heat.

We're starting to really feel the heat right here in the Valley and experts say don't wait to prepare your home for the summer days ahead.

Casey Ryska recently installed a whole house fan that circulates air keeping his home cool without turning on his A/C. 

"Save energy, save some money and try to stay cool over the summer," said Ryska.
Ryska has gotten a head start, but for others experts said the best time for preventative maintenance is right now, during the spring.

"These condensing units, the ones that are on the ground or on your roof, they need to be cleaned," said Ron Stenson with Vern's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.
It cost a little under $100 to have your units inspected annually.
Don't wait until the heat  is really on, or you could be in for a sizzling surprise.
"You don't sit there and end up, you know three days out on a list because everybody else is broken down too," said Stenson.
There are other tips like...make sure to replace your air filter monthly.
"A dirty filter will restrict your airflow, your performance drops off and and your PG&E bill goes up," said Stenson.
Closing blinds and shutters will block the heat from coming in. Even having curtains will help cool off your house by a few degrees.
"It really makes a difference. You can stand by them and feel the heat coming off them when they're open," said Denny Boyles with PG&E.
Boyles said ceiling fans also help lower the temperature and use very little electricity.  Another way to save money is by installing a programmable thermostat or keeping your thermostat above 78.

"Every degree that you lower your air conditioner below 78 can add 5% to your energy costs in the summer," said Boyles.
Ryska looks forward to  installing  even more  cost effective items in his home to beat the heat this summer.
"In this economy, you know, whatever money I can save, that's...it'll be all worth it," said Ryska.

Experts say long term investments, like replacing an old A/C unit with an energy efficient one will also help save money.
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