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Elderly people more vulnerable to extreme temps

Temperatures in the Valley are starting to soar as we enter the first part of a heat wave. Folks are doing what they can to keep cool.

As the temperatures start to heat up it can be extremely dangerous for everyone across the board, especially our elders.

"A lot of us can remember there was a really severe heat wave several years ago where some people actually died.  So, it's one of the reasons we actually ask our customers if you know you have elderly residents this is a great
time to keep in contact with them," said PG&E Spokesman, Denny Boyles.

Charles Tingey is a 72-year-old man who has 11 grandchildren. He said his family is good about keeping in touch by phone or in person.
He beats the heat by staying indoors during a heat wave. He picks up a book, but that's not all.

"We watch some television, Channel 47," said Tingey.

People take advantage of cooling centers across Fresno.  They are open to the public for free as long as the temperature is above 105 degrees, but there are other free alternatives.  Dora Melendrez brought the kids to make a splash at the Mosqueda Community Center pool.
The facilities should be open for free until Wednesday or throughout the heat wave.  Experts say in dangerous heat like this, it's important to play it safe.

"If you're concerned about the energy costs for running your air conditioner, it's a great idea to give us a call,  we have a lot of tools in place to help you manage your energy costs, track your energy usage," said Boyles.

 Tingey said although he may have a heap of grandchildren, he also appreciates the neighbors looking after him as well.

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