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Elderly couples renew their wedding vows

Three elderly couples, with nearly 200 years of marriage combined, renewed their vows in Fresno.
A unique wedding ceremony was held on Monday at the Windham Senior Living Center in Fresno. 

Three couples renewed their wedding vows, but what the ceremony special is that combined, these three couples have almost 200 years of marriage between them.

Family and friends gathered for the outdoor service.

The first time the couple's exchange their wedding vows was about the time of World War II.

Back then, their wedding pictures where in black and white. And though times have changed, their committment to each other have not.

After the service, we talked with Bill and Mary Carpenter, who have been married now for 70-years. When asked what their secret was for making it 70 years, Bill said, "One year at a time". 

Unlike their first weddings, many where surrounded by their children and grandchildren. 

It's a living color legacy that hasn't faded a bit over the years.
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