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Elderly Sikh Man Brutally Attacked

Police are investigating what led to the beating of an 82-year old Sikh man Sunday morning.
Fresno's Sikh community is outraged.

They say an elderly member of their temple was brutally
attacked...in a hate crime. CBS 47’s Lemor Abrams has more on the investigation.

Police say they are taking this very seriously and plan to meet with the family at the
temple Tuesday. They also say a suspect is in custody.

Family members say a man beat 82-year old Plara Singh with an iron bar on his way out of temple, Sunday morning.

Singh is still in serious condition in the hospital.

Family says me has twenty stitches, broken bones, and ribs.

They believe the man who attacked him hates the Sikh community.

They say Singh is a religious man who visits temple every day.

“99 percent of the people wearing turbans are Sikhs. We are not radical Islamists or anything. we are not terrorists. Sikhs are peace-loving hardworking,” said Ike Grewal Sikh.

Community activists say this is a call to action for people to learn about the Sikh people.

They invite community to come to temple Tuesday, at 6:00 p.m.

Police say they plan to be there to update the investigation.


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