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Drive-by happens yards away from Fresno police

Officers were investigating a shootout when suspects apparently came back and fired more rounds into the area.
A drive-by shooting happened just yards away from Fresno police officers, who were investigating a shootout from a half hour earlier.  It all started around 10 a.m. on Thursday near Polk and Santa Ana.

Bullet holes in the side of a building and shell casings on the street are evidence of a drive-by shooting that happened while police were nearby inside the apartment complex..  Neighbors heard the gunfire.

“Four [gunshots] and later, after that, about a half hour, another four,” said Chris Ramirez who lives across the street.

Police say the first shooting was between two groups of teens that live in the apartments.  Officers were deep into the complex when the drive-by happened out front.  Police don't think the suspects knew they were there, but one woman feels the suspects don't care who they shoot.

“They're criminals, they're going to shoot.  They couldn't care less; they don't care who they kill.  If you're out here with a gun, you're out here to kill somebody,” said an unidentified woman.

Tagging on a fence indicates this could be gang territory, but police say they're still investigating.  Across the street, Ramirez says his parents worry about the family's safety.  But at just 13 years old, he says he's used to the violence.

“It's just normal already.  It's normal already out here,” said Ramirez.

The suspect car police are looking for is a two-door, white, Chrysler with a black top.  Call crime stoppers at 498-STOP.

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