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Crisis in Syria: Valley Locals Respond

One man with family living in Syria reacts to the crisis.
The president will address the nation from the White House.   It comes as there's a new Russian proposal to prevent a military strike.  The Syrians have agreed, in principle, to surrender their chemical weapons stockpile. The Obama administration wants to keep the pressure on.

As the countdown begins for president Obama's speech that will address the nation on Syria, Fresnan Nishan Soghomonian can't help but think of his family.

"They called me yesterday.  Mater of fact, I got the phone call, they are very much afraid of what's...they don't know what's going to happen," said Soghomonian.

Soghomonian moved here in 1969.  He showed us pictures of family who are still in Syria.  He believes the rebels are to blame, not the Syrian Government, for the chemical attack last month which left more than 1,400 people dead.  He hopes Russia's plan will offer the president another option.

"If they do have chemical weapons, somehow we work it out and take it away from them or find a way peacefully without going to war solve the problem," said Soghomonian.

CBS47's Political Analyst, Don Larson said Russia's proposal could change the direction of the President's address tonight.

"He could back away from the idea of using military force in Syria, Congress wouldn't have to approve anything and that issue could be put behind us," said Larson.

Larson says most in our nation, whether for or against taking military action in Syria, are sick and tired of war.
Soghomonian in the meantime, fears for his family in Syria and doesn't believe war is the answer.

"Where the bombs go here and there, people get hurt you know, so nobody is safe...when there is a war, nobody is safe," said Soghomonian.
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