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Cops Exchange Gunfire with Gang Member

In Fresno, police took four people into custody following gun shots and a foot pursuit through a neighborhood.
A massive police response to southeast Fresno Wednesday afternoon caught the attention of residents.  Their neighborhood was locked down after bullets zipped across streets.  No one was struck by bullets.

Investigators say it began with two Fresno Police detectives who were on duty but not in uniforms riding in an unmarked car.  They spotted a group of four young men walking in the area of Third St. and Ventura.  They were wearing what appeared to be gang clothing and one of them was reportedly holding a gun.
“As the officers prepared to contact them the suspect armed with a firearm turned and fired that gun at the detectives,” said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Officers returned fire and then chased the group down Third Street to El Monte Way.
Backup units surrounded a few homes they had run toward.  Then with guns drawn, officers searched the properties.

“We were able to locate not only the suspect armed with the firearm, but also the three other suspects that were with him.  We also located the gun fired by the suspect in one of the backyards,” said Chief Dyer.

The accused shooter is a 21-year old Bond St. Bulldog gang member.  He now faces two counts of attempted murder of a peace officer.

Francisco Torres is upset by this behavior.

“I'm tired of seeing all this gang banging, violence and tagging everywhere up and down the street I go.  There ain't any need for that.  People need to grow up already.  Just get out of that lifestyle.  There's no point in it.  We're just killing each other,” said Francisco Torres, who lives nearby.

Chief Dyer says violent confrontations are to be expected the more police try and crackdown on gang activity.  Despite the dangers, officers will not back down.

“We're not going to accept or tolerate this type of violence in our city.  We're going to go after them with everything we've got and that's a promise,” said Chief Dyer.

Fresno Police officers have now been involved in seven shootings this year.

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