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Candy Crush Game Addiction

The popular game Candy Crush is fun to play but it may also be taking control of your life
Call it A craze an infatuation or an addiction.

"We play it constantly," says Deamber Andrade.

Yes, the game Candy Crush has consumed lives.

Husband and wife to be Deamber Andrade and Martin Ortiz love to compete.

Who is the better candy crusher? 

"I am. No I am. I started playing it first," says Deamber and Martin.

Fresno State student Cindy Montes finds Candy Crush to be a good fix when she's bored.

"You just want to pass it, so you keep playing until you run out of lives," says Montes.

When that happens the games locks you out for a certain amount of time, friends on Facebook can send you more lives or you can buy them for 99-cents which Cindy once did.

"I was really sucked into the game. I did pass, so it was worth it," says Montes.

Dorilyn Chimienti despises the game because her husband is obsessed with it.

"I'm constantly telling him to turn it off. He'll be up late at night playing the game and the noise just irritates me too," says Chimienti.

Treon Hinmon is a psychologist who mostly deals with children addicted to video games but also sees adults with growing fixations.

Hinmon says the problem solving aspect is actually a good brain exercise but excessive play can be counter productive.

"Often times people tend to lose track of their everyday obligations," says Hinmon.

What would you tell people that reach that level?

"I would tell people to exert some discipline. Perhaps set a timer or only engage in a task like that when you know you have time to fully enjoy it," says Hinmon.

Parents, doctor Hinmon says it's okay to let your children play but only in moderation, make sure to mix their activities.
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