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California Moms Descend on Capitol To Fight For Justice

In Sacramento Tuesday local mothers displayed the faces of their fallen children.
Unsolved murders.

Too many are from the valley.

In Sacramento Tuesday local mothers displayed the faces of their fallen children.

CBS 47’s Lemor Abrams has their touching story.

About a thousand crimes a year go unsolved in California and Fresno County has one of the highest rates of unsolved crimes in the state.

We met the powerful voices behind the numbers.

Thousands of innocent faces...plastered on cardboard, each one showing two dates:

their birth-date and the day they lost their lives to senseless violent crime.

In the background on the state capitol steps, their mothers...standing for justice and asking for support from Governor Jerry Brown.

“I’m here to make it work and make California safe,” said Brown.

But Patsy Hernandez is still fighting to see her daughter's killer in prison.

Salina Florez would have been 32 in July.

“They keep telling me the same thing… There's not enough evidence. Not enough evidence. We just got to keep it strong for her,” she said.

Hernandez is one of thousands of California moms who march every year during national crime victim's rights week.

“We need to be heard. There's too many of them. Every year every week there's a new picture. Every week there's a new picture,” she said.

Down the street from her bus in Fresno, more moms held candles and wiped away tears in memory of their children.

So many precious faces... now sown into a quilt.

“It's good to know that marquis is on a quilt--remembered as a victim,” said Sherri Wise

Marquis Sutton is the standout Edison High School football player shot to death in a friend's apartment last year.

“We can never prepare ourselves for the worst but try to be strong and keep their memories alive because we will see them again one day,” she said.

Moms have been making quilts since 1994.

The victim’s quilt now memorializes 457 victims.

Count on seeing loved ones back at the Capitol next year for then25th annual victim's march.

“When I go there I find peace with me; with all the struggle,” said another mother.

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