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CSU Requests Additional $250 Million for Campuses

In a meeting with the Board of Trustees Tuesday, university officials tell us Governor Jerry Brown proposed spending the money on much-needed repairs, rather than concentrating on enrollment.

Robert Boyd takes us into the electrical room at Fresno State University.
He oversees the facilities and shows us breakers dating back to 1951.
"They don't make this anymore. The gear that we have actually been able to obtain, we had to buy off of Ebay as an antique," said Boyd.
The campus is at max capacity for electrical output.  The lifespan of the electrical grid is 25 years and they're operating on 65 years.  Plus, they've already experienced a complete outage on campus last New Years Eve, but Boyd says it's a double-edged sword.
"You need to put the students obviously they have a need to go to school, and we also need to be able to have the infrastructure so that we can provide that type of environment for them," said Boyd.
In a board of trustees meeting Tuesday, the California State University system presented a budget proposal with an additional $250 million on top of next year's projection. They plan to put a big chunk towards enrollment and a portion towards infrastructure on campuses. CSU tells us Governor Jerry Brown said the money might be put to better use to repair out-of-date buildings.

"Over the past 3-5 years, we've had to turn away between 20-30,000 students each year who were fully admissible because we did not have funding for the students," said Mike Uhlenkamp with CSU's Chancellor's Office.
State cuts have forced the school system to take a big hit and it's also forced them to take a look at their priorities.
Boyd tells us the total estimated need for repairs on Fresno State campus today is around $150 million dollars.
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