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Border security option may help immigration reform

It appears a comprise to immigration reform could be in the works that could gain more support from some Republicans.



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Democrats continue to push for immigration reform in Washington D.C.

And now it appears a comprise could be in the works that could gain more support from some Republicans.

Two key points on the Republican side of the argument are increased border security and not allowing amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Two Republican senators have unveiled a new proposal, designed to beef-up border security in an attempt to win more support from other members of their party.

Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota said, "I believe the first order of immigration reform is to secure the border."

The new amendment adds hundreds of miles of new border fencing, along with about 20,000 new border agents, and improves a federal program for employers to determine workers' immigration status. 

Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee said, "Some people have described this as a border surge, and the fact is that we are investing resources in securing our border that have never been invested before." 

Under the amendment 11 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally can start the pathway to citizenship, but won't be eligible for green cards until the security requirements are met. Many Republicans say that amounts to amnesty, which won't work, especially in the GOP-controlled House.

Speaker of the House John Boehner said, "Immigration reform must, and I mean, must, be grounded in real boarder security." 

Pro-immigration groups are closely watching the debate. 

Frank Sharry with America's Voice said, "I think Speaker Boehner would like to see the House deal with this issue. The question is whether his Tea Party members will allow him to. I think the future of the GOP depends on the answer to that question."

The Senate could vote on an immigration reform bill as early as next week.
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