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Blush and Bullets Gun Group Honors Sheriff

It’s a sign of the times more women are carrying concealed weapons.

Friday night, a gun group called ‘Blush and Bullets' hosted a banquet for women working on obtaining a concealed weapons permit.

They gathered with the backing of Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims."

CBS 47’s Lemor Abrams is live at the Sheriff's Department with more on this unique "women's night out."

From the gun range...to a night of fun and guns.

Knowing that you can protect your family is enough,” said Sheila Varela

These are women on track to obtaining their concealed weapon's permits.

“We've been thinking about it a long time based upon what's happening out there,” said Penny Ingle.

The ‘Blush and Bullets’ gun club launched back in 2011.

Their modo- "if we can bear children, we can bear arms." 

Women have this inner strength and if you're placed in a situation where they're going to have to do something to protect themselves, that instinct all of a sudden comes out,” said Blush and Bullets Founder Corina Lopez.

Corina Lopez hosted Friday night's banquet to recognize her biggest supporter: Sheriff Margaret Mims. 

Mims believes women should give women a hand-both in gun training and emotional support.

“Women socialize a lot differently than men; and when you put a group of women together for a common purpose they understand each other's needs and how to approach training,” said Sheriff Mims. 

Madera County Sheriff John Anderson joined them.

He says it's time to even out the playing field.  

“Way back in 1970s in highway patrol we started hiring more women; they carried guns everyday...now there's women in the military, and so yah it's only natural that they have them here at home too,” said Sheriff Anderson.

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