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Blind man gets burglarized items back

A man who's been blind since birth was burglarized. Wednesday, he gets some of his stolen property back.
Nathan Romo is more upbeat after some of his property was returned. His apartment was burglarized over the weekend.  Thieves made off with several electronics along with special cookware he needs for culinary school.

"Wow, I'm just surprised they found something," said Romo.

Romo has been blind since birth.  His apartment was ransacked by heartless thieves Sunday afternoon, but good news comes three days later.  Officers were  able to get back some of his stolen stuff.

I helped Romo roll the cart loaded with returned items back into his home and one by one, we put the items back into place.  Unfortunately for Romo, the task force didn't recover all of his stolen property.  Items he desperately needs to take local culinary classes are still missing.

"I'm missing my measuring spoons, my ladle, my knife set," said Romo.

Romo's dreams almost became a victim of a troubling trend taking shape in the Valley.

Vehicle theft and residential burglary at times seems like it goes hand in hand.

"A lot of the vehicles that we recover are just chucked full of stolen property," said Romo.

They arrested the driver, an unidentified 19-year-old man who's already on probation for stealing cars.  They don't know yet if he's the one who stole Romo's stuff.
Even though Romo may not have what he needs to start the course, he's prepared to do what it takes to make his dream a reality.
"It will not be a setback, I refuse to let it be a setback, that's not going to happen. I will find someway to do this," said Romo.
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