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Bizarre Summer Storm

The Central Valley was pounded with rain, wind, thunder and lightning Monday evening.
Monday’s storm created a huge mess along Jensen Avenue.  A witness told emergency crews lightning struck a power pole and took down more than half a mile of power lines between Maple and Chestnut.

“They all just tipped over like dominos, one by one,” said Eder Velasquez, a homeowner who lost electricity.

It left Eder Velasquez in the dark and without the luxury of an air conditioner.

“We're just going to keep the windows open and stay cool that way,” said Velasquez.
PG&E says more than 10,000 customers around Fresno were without power during this unusual summer storm that caught just about everyone off guard.

“Rain, wind and heat.  What's up with that?” said Abraham Lopez, another homeowner who lost electricity.

The storm dumped heavy rain and stirred up strong winds causing hazards for drivers.

At Shaw and Fresno Street a driver lost control on the slick road and wrapped her car around a power pole.
She was not injured, but her car is in need of repair.
No one will soon forget this rare August storm that provided a show from a rainbow to a series of flashes that lit up the sky.
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