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Back-to-school shoppers get thrifty

We're on your side with a way to save you money. It's time for back to school shopping.
Business at local thrift and secondhand stores is booming.  Fresno parents are taking part in a new money saving trend.
It seems more back-to-school shoppers are looking to get more bang for their buck and sales at thrift and secondhand stores are way up from years prior.

Shopping at thrift and second hand stores are becoming more of a trend.
Tess Johnson has three teenage daughters and shops at Plato's Closet in Fresno.

"I think that it's not such a big deal to go ahead and buy something secondhand anymore," said Tess Johnson.

Plato's Closet says this is their busiest time of the year. They buy and sell items inexpensively and pass on the savings.  Sales are up 13% from just last year.

"You would bring in your gently used, in-style, current teen-type clothing and we would pay you cash right on the spot for it and so people can get money to put it towards all the back to school trends," said Andrew Belleci from Plato's Closet.

Goodwill stores all across the San Joaquin Valley are up 5% from last year.

"We have families visiting us through when we open the store to when we close the store, getting ready for back to school with all the supplies that we provide like backpacks, pencils and our great quality of clothing," said Maria Delgado from Goodwill.

The Better Business Bureau said nationally, the average family is projected to spend $800 on back to school items, and with the economy making things tough, Johnson doesn't mind hunting for good deals.

"I definitely see that most of the time I get a better price, you know if maybe somebody bought it, it didn't fit right and they are trying to get rid of it," said Johnson.

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