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Avoid the 21 DUI Task Force

Law enforcement officials are teaming up to crack down on drunk driving
Local law enforcement is cracking down on drunk driving.

Starting Friday, the Avoid 21 DUI task force is launching an eighteen day summer campaign aimed at hunting down drunk drivers.

The tactics are simple saturate the roadways and take down drunk drivers. 

"It saves lives, that's a fact, it's not debatable,"  says Joe Alvarado, Clovis.

Clovis patrolman Joe Alvarado is one of the dozens of local law enforcement officers hitting the streets in force.

It's all part of the nationwide "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" crackdown which uses a combination of patrols and checkpoints to cut into drunk driving. 

"They are high visibility, they get to meet the officers as they come so for those that haven't been drinking they know we are out there doing our job," says Lt. Alex Campos.

"It is not okay. Once you start drinking any alcohol or liquor you become impaired," says Alavarado.

Last year more than 150 arrests were made during the eighteen day summer campaign.

Historically this time of year is a peak time for drunk driving and police want to make it clear while the surge will end, the crackdown is here to stay. 

"Make no doubt that our efforts patrolling daily is to address the drunk driving issue this just gives us an edge during a certain period of time," says Campos. 
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