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Aspen Fire Doesn't Deter Visitors

The Aspen Fire has now been burning since last Monday creating a smokey haze.
More than 11,000 acres have been charred as the Aspen Fire in the Sierra National Forest has now burned for a week. The fire is about seven miles north of Big Creek.
Campers staying near Huntington Lake make the best of their time playing,
riding bikes and enjoying the outdoors.
Bob Zellmer came up from Los Angeles to compete in boat race over the weekend.

"The wind blew, it laid on the water in the morning and then in the afternoon the wind blew and it blew it back out, so it was fine," said Zellmer.
He says there was a little discomfort from the smoke, but not enough to make him withdraw from the race. 
Hot weather and elevation are making this fire especially tough to fight.
"When the fire gets to that certain tophography, if it's really steep, the fire is gonna go up the ridgeline quicker," said Robert Carvalho with Cal Fire.
The structures are threatened and the thick smoke is complicating the fire fight. Most visitors we spoke with are making the best of a bad situation.
"It was a little smokey looking, but it didn't bother us as far as breathing goes. It's kind of cleared up now," said Cheng Saephan, a woman who was visiting from Fresno.

Firefighters aren't sure how long it could take for them to fully contain the fire.

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