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Arson suspected for recent wildfires

Cal Fire investigators say some of the recent wildfires in the area may have been intentionally set.
Cal Fire investigators believe an arsonist is to blame for at least some of the recent fires in Yosemite Lakes Park.

They say for the last month and a half, firefighters have responded to one or two fires each week. Over the weekend, there were eight fires in two days.

Nancy Koerperich with Cal Fire said, "A larger number in a small concentrated area, it appears as though we have some sort of arson going on. But what I can assure you is that Cal Fire has been very diligent, and is very diligent, about doing all of the investigations on all of the incidents."

Cal Fire says not all the fires are suspicious in nature. At least one was caused by a hot wheel on a car. 

Investigators are not disclosing which fires may have been intentionally set. 
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