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Another Fire in Yosemite Lakes Park

Cal Fire quickly contained the two acre blaze, but investigators are making a stronger push for the public to help catch the suspected arsonist.
Friday evening’s fire left two acres of charred grass after firefighters were able to contain it.  Investigators believe this may be the work of an arsonist, so they taped off the area and searched for clues.  It occurred on Revis Circle and is the 6th fire in this specific area.

There have now been a total of 17 fires in a two mile radius of Yosemite Lakes Park since last Saturday.  Most have been small, but there was one that scorched 60 acres on Wednesday.  Luckily, no homes have burned.

Catching the person responsible hinges on consistent details from witnesses.  Cal Fire says if it’s a person, pay attention to their height, weight, and hair and skin color.  If it’s a car, paint a picture with the make, model, color and year.

“I need everything you can remember about that vehicle.  If you can get a license plate that would be awesome, but we don’t want to put you in any danger either.  Also if you have a cell phone, take a picture because that would be worth a thousand words right there,” said Karen Gullemin of Cal Fire Madera Co.

What makes this latest fire such a flagrant move is that it comes one night after a town hall meeting where hundreds of residents met with firefighters and made a vow to stay vigilant and keep their eyes fixed on every person’s move in their community.

Again, investigators do not want to you try and track down a potential suspect on your own.  Instead, alert the authorities of the information that you have by calling 1-800-47-ARSON.

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