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A visually impaired man's dream stolen by thieves?

A heartless crime. Thieves steal from a local blind man, but did they steal his dream of being a chef too?
They were items that thieves may not even be able to sell, but for Nathan Romo, a blind man who wants to attend culinary school, they were a window to a whole new world. 
Nathan Romo has lived his life in perpetual darkness.  He's been blind since he was child, but Sunday he could see well enough to know thieves stole a part of his dream of going culinary school in the fall.

"Talking cookware is extremely important because it's going to enable me to get through my class and when we have to do things like temperature, you know I can't see normal thermometers," said Nathan Romo.

Among the items stolen, a talking thermometer, useless to most people but priceless for Romo.

"They just took a good portion of stuff that was valuable to be honest," said Romo.

He was only gone from his apartment at Campus Park in Fresno for a few hours, but it was enough for a heartless thief to strike.

"Came in my room and my floor was just covered with stuff just dumped out all over the place," said Romo.

He still has his phone and a remote device helps him to use it.  But another device he uses to read (crucial for his school work) was gone.

"I scan my books with the scanner and the computer reads them," said Romo.

His girlfriend is literally helping him to pick up his pieces.

"We're still looking through all his stuff and seeing what else is gone.  Every once in a while he finds little things, hey guess what I think they took this too," said Romo's girlfriend, Nancy Angwin.

A theif may have made his world a little darker, but he's not going to let him hold it back from reaching for his dream.

"I've always enjoyed cooking and I like cooking for others and I think that's what lead me to this," said Romo.
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