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4th of July Holiday DUI Crackdown

Officers are out all of the Central Valley this weekend trying to prevent tragic crashes from occurring.
History shows the 4th of July and the days that follow is one of the deadliest times of the year due to DUI crashes.  So police have put extra measures in place, such as sobriety check points and saturation patrols, to try and stop them before they hurt somebody.

Fresno Police officer Jake Dellone has his radar up for any type of suspicious behavior, including those who may be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“Hopefully is they see us they’ll be reminded that I probably shouldn’t be behind the wheel or I should call a friend,” said Jake Dellone of the Fresno Police Dept.

Moments later, we get a call of a man who is possibly drunk.  An officer is already there putting the suspect through a series of coordination tests.  He doesn’t do so well, so a breathalyzer test is conducted and reveals he is over the legal limit.  He is placed under arrest for DUI.

“Unfortunately some people don’t plan ahead or they don’t realize how easy it is that you can be involved in something and have a life changing incident or hurting or killing somebody because of a DUI crash,” said Dellone.

No one knows that more than Rosalie Velasco.  Each day she visits the grave of her cousin, 21-year old Gypsie Yanes.  A drunk driver hit and killed her three months ago during this crash in Selma.  Rosalie still finds herself in disbelief.

“I feel like everyday I sit at home waiting for a text message or a knock at the door that I know is never going to happen,” said Rosalie Velasco.

The wreck at Bethel and Mountain View Avenues took the lives of three other young people in the car with Gypsie.  The 24-year old drunk driver in the other vehicle would later die as well.  Rosalie says it’s a pain no other family should have to experience.

“Until it happens to one of them then they’re going to understand.  as easy as it is to pickup an alcohol beverage, pickup a phone and call someone unless you want that knock at the door telling you your loved one is gone.

Officer Dellone says it’s simple, if you plan to party, plan to also take some personal responsibility.

“We shouldn’t have to be out here doing this.  People should be able to think twice and know not to get behind the wheel after drinking.  That’s what frustrates me more is it’s such a preventable crime,” said Dellone.

Police encourage you to help them out.  If you’re on the road and see a possible drunk driver, report them by calling 911.

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