Local women's nonprofit seeks help to buy its building

The Light-House Recovery Program needs $350,000 to keep home in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. - The Light-House Recovery Program in Downtown Fresno is asking for the community's help. The organization is in jeopardy of losing the home that serves women and children. The nonprofit is fundraising to purchase the home.

The house sits off of L Street and San Joaquin. It's one of the few places zoned in the Fresno area to do what the nonprofit's mission statement says and that's to offer hope, help and healing to women and children.

There's more than meets the eye when you first take a glance at this house. Women work, take classes and receive counseling. It's a place shinning light towards a better future.

"When I entered the Light-House, it changed my life," Emina Diaz, a program graduate, said.

Diaz graduated from the program at the Light-House five years ago. She entered the program after her daughter was put into foster care. Diaz said the Light-House put her on the right path to deal with her drug addiction.

She now has custody of her daughter and working full-time. Diaz also works as park of the team at the Light-House to help women turn around the lifestyle she once lived.

"I was a broken soul before I got here and everything that I learned here, I apply this day to my life and I can't be more thankful," Diaz said.

But the place that helped Diaz get her life on track might not be able to help those in similar situations, if they don't get help from the community.

"Our landlord is terminally ill and the executor of her estates is liquidating her assets fast and so that puts us in jeopardy," Vikki Luna, Founder and Director of the Light-House, said. "So we need to purchase this property and unfortunately as a 501C3,it's difficult to get a loan with a small budget but we have a plan on how to raise those funds to make this house our home."

Luna is hoping if 350 people, churches or organizations can help raise even a thousand dollars each, then that would be the $350,000 they need to purchase the home.

"This program is my heartbeat because I see a woman from the time she comes in with nothing, she's lost everything, her children, her dignity, her esteem has been gone," Luna said. "I see the trauma, I hear her stories but I see life start to happen within that woman's heart."

The Light-House needs to raise the money within the next 30 days.

They set up a GoFundMe account at www.gofundme.com/Lstreet for community's support.

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