Local woman recounts journey along Pacific Crest Trail

It's a trail that stretches 2,650 miles through some of the countries most challenging terrain.

"Everything's so rugged, no water." remembers Irene Barba, a lifelong native of Tulare County who decided to embark on this journey all by herself back in 2016.

"When I actually got out there it was nothing like that, you wake up and I was hiking til dark."

Her 6 month trek took her through thick fog, rain, snow and after carrying a heavy pack with upwards of 16 pounds of water in it, some intense physical pain.

"I actually had problems with my foot because of that weight."

"You want to make sure that your prepared physically to do a hike like that." says Alex Olow with the Sierra National Forest.

The Sierra National Forest itself harbors a section of the Pacific Crest Trail or PCT as it's known.

Olow says that whether your on a day hike or a long backpacking trip the elements, especially at this time of year, can prove dangerous. "Always let someone know where your going, when your entering and when your going to exit."

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