Local Veterans Remembered Through "Avenue of Flags"

FRESNO, Calif. - Across the Central Valley, people are recognizing service members on this Memorial Day. Fourteen-hundred American flags were posted at the Fresno Memorial Gardens starting at 7am Monday morning, and they will be removed at 5pm. The flags are in honor of the men and women in our community who have served in the military.

More than 2,500 veterans are interred at the Fresno Memorial Gardens, and although not all their flags are available, organizers said they hope the 1,400 flags posted pay homage and honor to all those lost.

Young volunteers spent their Memorial Day holiday honoring the military men and women who fought for our country. Local mother Lyndsey Fausnett brought her young sons to the Fresno Memorial Gardens to help out.

Fausnett said, "Just remind them how important it is to be here and to support the families who can't be here."

Two hundred people posted 1,400 flags, otherwise known as the Avenue of Flags.

"Every year we try to educate the public on some aspect of the military," said Leann Torrey with the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

It made for a stunning sight, just in time for the midday ceremony where veterans were remembered.

U.S. Navy veteran Hal O'Neal fought in the Vietnam War. He said Memorial Day is about those who have given their life to America.

"Honor those men and women that just want to give all they can and serve their country and battle against those bad guys," stated O'Neal.

O'neal said Memorial Day is also a time to reflect on the men and women who are currently fighting. He said if he were younger, he would join the military all over again.

He ended, "I'm so thankful for that. For the men that are serving now and they're doing. During my time, you would do one tour in 'Nam, and now they're doing multiple tours."

The custom of posting the Avenue of Flags began in 1963 with only 35 flags.

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