Fresno Police Officer Who Saved Choking Baby Speaks Out

Published 07/22 2014 05:30PM

Updated 07/23 2014 09:51AM

A Fresno police officer is credited with saving the life of a choking baby.

Motorcycle Officer Roland Rendon was in the right place at the right time when he heard the emergency call over the radio.

He realized he was just right down the street.

In a matter of seconds, he arrived and saved the baby.

In his 13 years with the Fresno Police Department, Rendon has experienced a lot. But what happened Saturday was a first.

He had just finished a traffic stop when he heard the emergency call over his radio--a choking baby desperately needing help.

Matthew Xiong, the baby's father, estimates it took about 45 seconds from when he called 911 to when Rendon showed up at their house.

"I just ran outside, and the officer just came, and he just helped my baby. And I'm really thankful for that," Xiong says.

The baby was choking on a large piece of candy. 

While Rendon literally held a life in his hands, his training kicked into gear.

"It [the candy] was too lodged into the throat. So then I turned the baby around, cradled the baby, and began doing back blows," Rendon says.

Rendon says there was no time to overthink--only to focus. With every passing second, the baby was not receiving oxygen.

"I turned the baby back over. I could tell the baby is kind of turning blue," Rendon says.

Rendon is not only a police officer--he's a parent, himself.

"Just to see that piece of candy fall out and the baby start crying--it was just an awesome, awesome sign that the baby's ok," Rendon says.

Jake Xiong is 13 months old. He's alive today because of Rendon's quick actions. It's something the family won't forget.

"I would like to say thank you. Thank you so much. God bless you and your family. Thank you," Xiong says.

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