Local Crews Head to Montecito to Assist Search and Rescue Efforts

Local Crews Head to Montecito to Assist Search and Rescue Efforts

FRESNO - FRESNO, Calif. -- The mudslides in the area of Montecito have left 17 people dead and 28 injured.

The death toll is expected to rise. Local crews are heading to Montecito.

Crews from Fresno Fire, Clovis Fire, Fresno County and Tulare will be assisting local crews there.

"We'll be doing a lot of searching, there has been over 100 homes that have been impacted by this with the landslide that's going on. We'll be maneuvering around, checking the streets, looking at structures, looking through the roads and all the debris. We will be trying to come up with any victims that are still around that we can come across," said Jeremiah Wittwer, Cal Fire Public Information Officer.

They said they will be using their swift water tactics. They are taking 2 rescue engines, a truck, and the full urban search and rescue team is also going.

"It's 29 members that has components of search and rescue and management all into one. One big unit that's able to respond and take a large area to do any type of search and or rescues of victims," said Tim Fulmer, Battalion Chief, Fresno Fire Department.

Fire crews say the disaster in Montecito is still in search and rescue mode. They said they will be down there for at least a few days.



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