Local congressman under fire over controversial memo

Memo alleges federal law enforcement abuses power and is bias against President

Fresno, Calif. - Two top Democrats--including California's own Nancy Pelosi--want Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, removed from his position as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

The push to get Nunes removed, came after news broke out that he allegedly made changes to a contentious memo.

The private memo, supposedly suggests the FBI and the Department of Justice have a bias against Trump, and were improperly monitoring a Trump campaign advisor during the 2016 election to look into any ties with Russia.

Changes to the controversial memo were allegedly made right before it was handed over to the White House to be considered for public release.

Nunes is up for re-election, now, his opponent in the 22nd Congressional District is speaking out.

Andrew Janz, Democrat, said the latest allegations against Nunes proves it's time for a change.

"Devin and his conduct has really become a national security issue," said Janz.

Janz said when Nunes joined forces with Trump he became less concerned about his constituents.

"While Devin is in Washington protecting Donald Trump and trying to cover up for whatever Russia did, I am going to be here working hard and going to bat for the constituents," said Janz.

House Republicans voted to make the memo public against the FBI's wishes.

Nunes was not available for comment Thursday, but early this week through a phone interview said it was important for the American people to know what's going on with the intelligence agencies charged with protecting them.

"we feel it's important for the American people to know about what I feel are very serious abuses of the American spy program," said Nunes.

Political Analyst Don Larson said the controversy over the memo is not enough to unseat the 15 year incumbent.

"Because Devin Nunes is in about as safe a district as anyone can be in," said Larson.

Larson said it doesn't matter what the country or the rest of the state thinks about Nunes, when it comes to re-election, only the opinions of the people in the 22nd Congressional District matters. 

"The district is made up of people who probably have more support for Donald Trump than any other area in California. So his doing what Trump wants him to do isn't going to hurt him," said Larson.

Still, Janz said he won't give up the fight to unseat Nunes.

"The people in the Central Valley want someone to be their champion in Washington: Devin Nunes isn't that person," said Janz.

The President is expected to make his decision on whether or not to make the memo public by Saturday.

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