Local authorities are prepared to respond to train derailments

Local authorities are prepared to respond to train derailments

FRESNO, Calif. - Local authorities are trained to respond to similar train derailments like we saw near Seattle, should they happen in our area. 

"Fresno could be very susceptible to an inicdent such as that," said Fresno Fire Chief Kerri Donis.

Chief Donis said firefighters and first responders have trained in the past, and have a derailment training scheduled for next year. 

She said, with the high-speed rail coming, the city is also working on forming an incident management team with multiple agencies to respond to emergencies.

"This is a multi-agency police fire, law enforcement, health, water, could be related, involved in that, a spillage from hazardous material," said Chief Donis. 

Toni Tinoco with the California High-Speed Rail Authority said they are working with Donis and other agencies on how to respond to emergencies quickly.

"If in case there is some kind of emergency, we know how to respond, they know where our construction sites are now, where our structures are in the future," said Tinoco.

Tinoco said the high-speed rail will also have state-of-the-art technology called Positive Train Control to avoid collisions. The system uses GPS satellites to let dispatch and engineers know about speed restrictions, work zones, and any problems ahead on the tracks. 

There's also an early earthquake warning system. It's technology that could help prevent a disaster.

"If there's some kind of emergency, act of terrorism, malfunction, we'll be able to get that information to respond very quickly," said Tinoco.


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