Over 50 years later, her mosaic artworks adorns new Fulton Street

FRESNO, California - One woman's art has stood the test of time here in Fresno.

A local artist who created pieces for the original Fulton mall grand opening in the 1960's will now get the change to proudly present them again at the grand opening of Fulton street this month.

As she cleans through tiny mosaic tiles, in every array of color, Joyce Aiken remembers the summer she created 18 different art pieces for the original Fulton mall.

"We started the first of June. We worked every day through summer we worked so many hours a day. They looked wonderful they really did. They were complimented by the planting around them on them around the placement on Fulton mall," said local artist Joyce Aiken.

For the 86-year-old local artist, art is in her blood. She says it's a product that brings life to the city.

"it's just an expression of my soul I think I get such pleasure out of art. When you go around great cities you always see good public art. I don't know what Fulton st would be like without color and the other sculptures we have. I think the mosaics really add a spark to the color they bring your attention to it,' stated Aiken. 

She says she hopes these pieces will live on long after she's gone.

"It's part of out heritage it's what makes us a cultural center of the Central Valley. 

The grand opening of Fulton street is scheduled for October 21st.

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