KSEE24's AJ Fox makes Washington Post's list of 'coolest TV meteorologists'

FRESNO, California - AJ Fox, the chief meteorologist for KSEE-TV, made a Washington Post list of seven of the nation’s "coolest TV meteorologists."

The article, which came out Wednesday, had meteorologists on the list from San Antonio; Orlando, Florida; Salisbury, Maryland; Phoenix; Boston; Rochester, New York; and, of course, Fresno.

"His bachelor’s is in music education, where he focused specifically on the flamenco guitar," wrote Matthew Cappucci, the artice's author. "In 1989 at the age of 19, he landed his first broadcasting job at a radio station in Fresno, where he soon transitioned into reporting traffic."

Cappucci went on to talk about Fox's advanced degrees in meteorology, geosciences and mass communications, but it was the music that caught his attention.

"Fox also plays guitar in two bands," Cappucci wrote. "His work is even on iTunes. One of the bands is known as Los Hooligans. 'We play originals in the traditional Jamaican ska style,' Fox said. 'We’ve shared the stage with huge bands like the Wailers, the Skatalites and No Doubt.' His other band is called Fat Penguin."

Fox has been at KSEE-TV since 1995, and he's been chief meteorologist since 2009.

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