Kori Muhammad to Face All Murder Charges, Ordered by Judge

FRESNO, Calif. - New details came out of the Kori Muhammad case on Thursday. The judge heard evidence from several Fresno Police detectives and determined there is enough probable cause for Muhammad to stand trial for the 2017 murders of four men.

The court heard from Victor Miranda, the lead detective in the murder investigation of security guard Carl Williams. Williams was shot last April at the Motel 6 near Blackstone and Ashlan days before Muhammad allegedly went on a shooting spree in Downtown Fresno. Miranda testified Muhammad told him in interviews that he was upset at Williams for how the security guard was talking to a female friend staying at the motel.

"He reaches across his body with his right hand into this left hip, and pulls out a large revolver handgun and turns back towards Carl Williams and shoots Carl Williams," stated Miranda.

Miranda said Muhammad admitted to drinking that night, but said he knew what he was doing and he, "snapped and decided to shoot Carl Williams". In the days after that, Miranda said Muhammad cut his hair and allegedly continued the violence.

Miranda stated, "He decides that he's wanted for killing Carl Williams, but he's not going to spend the rest of his life in prison for just killing one person. So, he was gonna, he made the decision to kill as many white males as possible that morning."

Muhammad's defense attorney Richard Beshwate said the prelim hearing went as expected, and next will be Muhammad's arraignment.

"We're still preparing for our defense, and we'll keep that to ourselves," stated Beshwate.

Muhammad faces ten charges, including murder and attempted murder. He's expected back in court at the end of the month for his arraignment.

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