Kim Jong Un Issues Threat to U.S., Extends Olive Branch to South Korea in Address

FRESNO - FRESNO, Calif. --  North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un gave his New Year's address on Monday morning and delivered a new threat to the United States.

The communist dictator spoke of his nuclear arsenal and how it can reach the U.S. mainland. He also talked about a future with South Korea.

In his annual New Years message Kim Jong Un released a warning. He said the whole of the U.S. mainland is within our firing range

He said the nuclear button is on my desk. It's not a threat, it's a reality.

This coming after November's ballistic missile launch. 

Kim Jong Un now claims his nuclear weapons program is complete. Marn Cha, former Fresno State Professor and North Korean native said Un won't attack.

"He needs to say that he is still in charge because that is all he has been saying because he cannot disavow and throw away what he has been saying then he loses credibility," said Marn Cha, professor emeritus, Fresno State Professor. 

Especially because in the same New Year's address, he extended an olive branch to South Korea.

Un offered talks on sending a delegation to the winter Olympics in South Korea in February.

"This is all around very good news," said Cha. 

Cha said it's monumental because the two countries have been enemies.         

Now he hopes the United States will support the talks because it could be the start of a peaceful beginning. 

Now Cha said we just have to wait to see who un will send from his delegation to go to the Olympics or if he will go himself.

Cha says we will see how serious he is about peace very soon. 

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